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By filling and submitting the order form, every customer will agree to bind by and is becoming a party to current agreement.


Writers at Online-Dissertation-Help.com will only follow the instructions that you fill in your order form and provide a digital research/dissertation/Thesis/ writing service through an electronic email address provided by you.


You be in agreement that the research and written material produced by Online-Dissertation-Help.com characterize as a model work that should not be submit for academic credit "as it is". You may use all the provided work for extra research or may edit it to match your own style of writing, capabilities and words. We do not provide assurance for exact letter, grades or any other kind of approval from your academic concerns. The only thing that we can guarantee you is to provide excellence of work based on the original order description.


Whenever we find it difficult to meet the deadlines (that you have mentioned and we have accepted in the order form), we will bring it into your notice before the deadline to request for an extension. Otherwise we will compensate you with a suitable discount, partial refund, extra research, extra pages chapters or any other type of compensation where both the parties will reach an agreement.


Writers at Online-Dissertation-Help.com will write your assignment solely on the instructions that you have supplied in the order form. Online-Dissertation-Help will not be responsible for meting out additional instructions that you did not mention in your project description while submitting the order form. However, such requests will only be fulfilled as one-time courtesy at the sole discretion of the writer.


All writers at Online-Dissertation-Help.com write all the content from scratch and include no plagiarism. We use the specified citation style () while documenting other people's quotes and ideas. If you find two or more straight sentences (other than quotations), i.e. at least 20 words total in a straight sequence as it is from another verbatim, we will offer you a complete rewrite or all your money back. However, any plagiarism report of Turnitin or any other similar software with overall 25% does not constitute enough grounds for a refund.


Online-Dissertation-Help.com guarantees to satisfactorily meet the requirements set forth by the buyer in the order form. Should our writer fail to notice some of the instructions, the buyer will need to request a revision through our websites (www.online-dissertation-help.com) support center. We will rewrite and correct the document without any charges unless the request is beyond the original project description. Our writers are obliged for quick and prompt response in order to rewrite your document. However, we are in full right to reject the revision requests submitted after 14 days from the time of completion and delivery. If the request for the revision is beyond the original project description, the buyer will have to fill a new order (Editing) or should discuss from customer support for additional compensation.


If you are not satisfied by the service at Online-Dissertation-Help.com we will revise, correct and rewrite your work without any extra charges until the initial requirements are adequately followed. For some minor issues, you can ask for a revision and we will correct it promptly with extra charges. If the writer writing your project is not satisfactory you can request for a different writer, if there is a convincing concern. We will revise or rewrite the project without any extra charges until the work provided by us fully meet the original instructions.


If the finalized work fail to meet all the initial instructions adequately after 5 rounds of revision, you have full rights to contact our support center with a detailed complaint précising all the problems and lacking, and shall be entitled to a refund.


No information you provide will be distributed to any third party without your consent. We are reliable service and we never reuse or resell the works produced by our clients, and even our staff and writers are bound for the same agreement.


Be supposed to you be not satisfied with the service provided by the Online-Dissertation-Help.com, you agree to for all time to contact the company first for direct resolution. Online-Dissertation-Help.com should be contacted through Live Chat or by submitting a support ticket through our Customer Support Center. If you have not been able to attain a satisfactory explanation after 14 days since the time of your first contact via the aforesaid communication channels, you are free to contact other organizations for assistance. However, failure to get in touch with Online-Dissertation-Help.com directly before commencing a chargeback shall be considered a violation of agreement and shall be disputed accordingly.

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Dissertation Writing Service

Dissertation Writing Service

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